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This is an apple that Stark Brothers once sold in years past. I had about 15 of these nice apples on my tree this year and picked the last ones today. It is just beginning to bear but has been slow getting started. I doubt that it has much to do with the cultivar but just one of those trees that didn't get off to a great start. This tree is on MM111 and is a funny shaped tree. It is probably 12 feet wide but only about 10 feet high.

Tree has never shown any fireblight and has mild to semi moderate CAR. No other disease signs noted.

Apple is crisp and a nice tart/sweet flavor and good for an early summer apple IMHO. Hoping for more growth in the tree and larger crops in the future. Has been planted at least 6 years.

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Did you graft onto MM111 or when you bought it, did Stark disclose their rootstocks?

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Summer Champion is another old NW Ark variety. This is a 1897 watercolor of it.
I've got a young tree growing from the scions Daniel sent this spring btw.
If I can just keep the dicamba off of it.

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