States that don't require a license


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I'm just curious if there are any other states besides Virginia that don't require a landowner to purchase a hunting license to hunt their own land. We still have to abide by the regulations just don't have to pay the fees.

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Indiana does not require a landowner to purchase a license.
I am taking advantage of it for the first time this year.
Alabama is the same way, owner does not need license for own land. But I am so close to National Forest that I would always purchase a license. But now that I am an old man, I get another break.
MO is on the short list of places to buy.

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C'mon down! We'll roll out the welcome mat for you. Good deer in North Missouri. Great land prices in SW Missouri. Taxes on bare land is just stupid cheap!
WV resident landowner do not need tag. Have to follow limits and seasons for all game. And check in just like anyone. Also private land in some counties/mine there is concurrent hunting for deer rifle for buck, doe, and bear.
And still put up with the same crappy statewide deer "management".:(
I dont mean to muddy up this thread, but my decision to not purchase a license this year and use my rightful landowner benefit is a direct result of what i consider terrible deer management by our state. Before this year, i bought a license because i figured the dnr needed money.
Every year deer numbers go down. We slaughter bucks for 6 weeks of gun hunting and there is no interest from the dnr in changing that. And my county allows for 8 antlerless permits, for which they have tacked on a Christmas time gun season.
Funny that many state forest grounds do not allow the use of antlerless permits.

Ok, sorry about that. Just saw an opening to spew it on the thread.:)
SC is a brown down state too. We are having a problem with club members shooting small deer this year. We will be implementing a 102 buck fine next year on our club. That is $100 and since we have a 4 buck club limit that buck could ts as two of your bucks so we call it the 102 buck fine. You also will not be able to hubt again until you pay the fine. We have to do something.

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Ohio you don't need a license. You just check deer as landowner. You still must follow all laws. Only one buck, does per county, etc.
Mississippi does not require a license for land owners. You name must be on the deed. My kids have to have a license to hunt on my land! State rules apply to harvest and methods.