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For those of you who follow my farm tour, you see we have added a lot more land to our farm in Ohio. I am going to need a lot more stands over the next couple of years.

I love ladder stands as I get older, I dont have time to reset a stand every year.

The goal is to buy a series of ladder stands. I can't afford to buy 10, $200 stands. I am looking for decent stands, good price.

Typically I use sportsman guide. Any other sites I should be using?


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There's a thread from last week; Favorite ladder stand, that you may want to look at. On there I suggested WalMart as a good source.

Thanks I saw that but many guys were suggesting High dollar stands. If I need to buy 10+ stands I need good price. On sportsman guide I've gotten good stands for aephnd 80 bucks a piece. Idk if any others have better sites? I'll check the local Walmart as well thanks.


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I think you have a good strategy. I would start with high volume/low on features (but safe) for now then upgrade the individual stands as you learn more about where the best spots are.

Sportsmans Guide is the logical place to start, but I would also check out places like Dicks and Field and Stream. You can get decent ladder stands there for $80.

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I dont know if you have a Menards store in your area, but I have picked up lots of 15' ladder stands at our "local" store for under $50. The only one I have had to retire was the one a tree fell on.


I put up a few Big Game "The Hunter" stands that were $140-something from Cabela's. I believe they must've bought Hawk tree stands because they incorporated a lot of the innovative Hawk designs into this stand. Good value and was a breeze to install. I would buy $5 worth of Nylon washers and it should be very quiet for years.

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Thanks for all the tips guys.

Cutman, that's exactly what I'm thinking. Hang ladder stands all over plots. As we learn the ground and deer we will upgrade to nicer ladders, hang ons, etc to funnel areas.


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I have a few of the $59.99 ones from Dicks. Get a good seat cushion and they work fine. No frills and no rail but they are not bad for a few hours. I can get 2 for 100 sometimes with the promotions they have.


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probably 20 on 250 acres.I have several sets that are stands just across from each other or slightly up or down travel route.i have several so that if my daughter is bowhunting she can be fairly close if she wants to be


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Hard to beat sportsman guide,but at the end of deer season dicks sporting goods marks down their tree stands a bunch if you can wait to buy a few at the end of season.


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I have used a place called "Rogers" for different things and they can have some good stuff at fair prices. I think they are located in MO.

Year/season end sales would be your best bet. Many places that carry hunting stuff at least seasonally will reduce prices......if you can contact a store manager or the like you may be able to get them even cheaper if your buying several at once. These stores want the shelf space and sometimes are willing to deal to get it.