Stand snacks


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Newb-type question: will coffee and snacks in the stand get you busted by deer? What do you guys bring in the stand?

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If they smell the coffee then more than likely they smell you. I always bring a thermos on cold mornings. Usually a power bar, trail mix, crackers. If an all day I'll pack a sandwich or two.
Ya, dont take the fun out of it. If you like coffee, then have some. The movement in drinking it will likely cause you more trouble than the smell.
I like to read, but try to limit that too the low percentage hours.
All day sits involve water, mt dew(lunch), crackers and/or trail mix, either Vienna wieners or a sandwich for lunch, and 2-3 Clif Bars for when I start to get cold or don't want the crackers. If I am hunting morning or evening, I'll take a drink, Clif bar and maybe a candy bar. I have really been liking the Clif Bars for when it gets cold or I need a snack. They tend to knock the hunger away and help you warm up about the time you start to feel cold. I noticed it one day during a winter hunt. I wanted a snack to tide me over until lunch and after I ate it, I felt warmer. Been using them since.
My favorite snack is fruit - an apple or pear - preferably from the same property I am hunting. I'll eat granola bars but sometimes repackage them in a sandwich bag rather than the noisy foil wrapper. I like the mini Baybell cheese wheels wrapped in wax.
Cashews and pack of eat-a-snack crackers. One 20 oz diet coke and the all important P-Bottle.
I tend to carry frosted strawberry pop-tarts and peanut butter and cheese crackers.......I don;t care if the deer smell it - if I have any chance of sitting all day......this fat guys has gotta eat!
2 or 3 Atomic fireballs n a couple of the mini Payday or Baby Ruth candy bars for a morning or afternoon sit. Fireballs last bout 20 minutes each. Payday n Baby Ruth are my go to candy bar.
I take apples, honey crisp are my favorite, and let the apple juice drip all over my outer clothes. Diet mountain dew to keep me from falling asleep. Maybe a ham or turkey sandwich on a small bun. It just depends on how long I plan on sitting.
Never carry food and seldom carry drink for half day sits. Warm pm hunts will take a bottle of water. If planning on a long hunt then I will take a small baggie of trail mix and water. Have started making my own energy bars and will start taking them rather than trail mix.
I never take coffee anymore, just hot chocolate if its cold out. Doesn't make you pee like coffee and same caffeine plus high calorie. All day sit, at least 2 sandwiches and couple nut bars and water. I've had more nice bucks come in while eating granola bar than any call I've ever used. May be coincedence with time of day eaten but I think they hear me chomping on it and think its a deer eating acorns, no joke.
This time of year, water and a protein bar. All day sit in two weeks, chicken noodle soup in a thermos and a couple clif bars, water.
Early season half day hunts just a bottle of water or two. Rut all day hunts, I take whatever I have leftover protein I had for supper the night before usually made into sandwich form and a couple bottles of water
I usually take a bottle of water and a generous assortment of Little Debbie cakes. The Oatmeal Creme Pies are my all time favorite but the Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip will also be in there for some variety. They hold up well to being stuffed in a pack, especially if it is cold. I don't think I could hunt without Little Debbie.
Oh boy i pack it all! lol! assorted candy bars, chips, nuts (chashews), a diet pepsi (i know why bother with diet lol), bottle of water and a sandwich or two oh and some breakfast granola bars! That should hold me over till lunch (ha, ha)....but it all depends on the action. If there is lots of action I may not eat any, if very little action oh boy is that food in trouble!