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There’s a pretty good thread running over on archerytalk about what people take to eat in the stand. I wanted to see what some of you all take to the woods. I’ll get us started, I’m a type 1 diabetic, so I don’t take a lot of food, I’m not a fan of packing insulin going to the stand. I do take fruit snacks and snack sized snickers bars—always want to ready for a possible low blood sugar. For a long sit, I take a couple apples, some peanut butter crackers, and a bottle of water.

Now when I’m taking the girls out, all bets are off, they take their snacks VERY seriously, especially our youngest. Lol
I seldom take food when I hunt (unless I have a kid with me, then it's all bets off like you said). I have one property I hunt that is a 2 mile walk from the truck and deer seldom show before 8:00am. I tend to steal one of my wife's nutrition bars when I go there because I might not get back to the truck until well after noon. I tend to have an easier time hunting that spot late if I don't get hungry.

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Type I diabetes is no joke, you should always have something close at hand for a possible low blood sugar. My son is Type I, I’m Type 2, and even I had a couple scares when I was rapidly losing weight and adjusting my diabetes meds. We had two different rounds with him as a younster before he began taking it seriously.

As for vittles in the blind, plenty of water, because I tend to not drink enough in the winter, and a granola bar or two. I have also been known to tote a bite sized Snickers bar or two. :)
Water and sunflower seeds unless the kiddos come. Then it's bars and cereal and hot chocolate.

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If it will only be a morning or afternoon sit, I’ll just bring a drink or two and maybe a granola bar. If I am going to sit all day, I bring a sammich(pbj or bologna), a couple of CLIF bars, a breakfast bar, trail mix(I carry a big ziplock bag full all season), a couple of big bottles of water, and a small bottle of Mt Dew for lunch.

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When hunting in a redneck, I’m a fiend for snickers and payday bars w/ a thermos of hot chocolate. For an all day sit, I throw in a couple sandwiches and an apple, a large bottle of water (water bottle serves multiple purposes). I don’t tend to take food if in a tree stand.
I don’t even like to breath when I’m in the stand much less eat anything. LOL. I know, I know seems like it takes the fun out of it but, I’m usually on a mission and I mostly hunt evenings.
I've actually held my breath while a buck was about to step into my scent stream.

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Plus 2. And a carbon face mask. Who knew it would be stylish. LOL. I did know a quy who took some licorice on stand one time. Found it attracted bears.
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I've actually held my breath while a buck was about to step into my scent stream.

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I’ve breathed through my nose for the same reasons, then I get worried about if that makes too much noise. :rolleyes: We deer hunters are a strange bunch!:D
When I hunt with the kids or newcomers to the sport we hunt the Holiday Inn stand. It's my only stand on a food plot. It's 8x8, fully enclosed, carpeted, has a cook stove, coffee pot, indoor toilet (funnel with hose leading outside). Nothing's off the table when we hunt there. Always hot cocoa or coffee! I've not done bacon and eggs but I may yet!
If I'm solo it's way different. Nuts, cheese, maybe a thermos of hot water or tea if it's cold. I'm the fat guy in the crowd apparently..... Morning hunts....I tend to pack strawberry frosted pop-tarts (FYI don't try to warm them with a buddy heater while still in the foil) and some of the little packages of cheese or peanut butter crackers. Then there is a bottle of Mtn. Dew (I'm not a coffee drinker). My favorite is a ziplock of deer summer sausage, some crackers and some sliced cheese! I have found that a nice snack can help pass the time if things or slow....or help keep me out longer than planned if things are pretty active and I don't want to head home just yet. For evening hunts I tend to simply take something to drink.
I guess I thought this was just about morning hunts. On an all day sit, cheese/jalapena venison summer sausage and wheat thins are my lunch. Still pack the granola bars, and a Snickers bar or two. My favorite is the peanut butter Snickers. That makes for a good hunt, whether you see a shooter or not. ;)
I pack deer bologna an cheese sticks for all day sits. Along with pb crackers or energy bars, my boys will take Vienna’s if they only going for an hr or two sit!
All day sits have a good bfast leftover cheeseburgers top that list and a diet coke (not a coffee drinker either) to the stand is 2 chocolate covered gbars one in each chest pocket to keep warm, Halloween time candy (snicker, baby ruths, reese in that order;)) honey crisp apple, peanut butter crackers bottle of water and a diet coke. Creator of habit and superstitious!!!!

Just to have in my pack if I get hungry morning or afternoon always have a apple and gbars and a small bottle of water