i know its the middle of Feb Jan. was hard on use i live in S E NC.45 miles from SC temp have been 65 to 70a day or to then cool 45 to 50 for hi temp the picture was taken yesterday there a cherry of some sort the are all was the first to flower walked the yard and seen some buds starting this is to early
Bring on spring! More global warming and less cabin fever. Those look like ornamental trees. But, yes, an early warm up and then a late frost will decimate the fruit crop. Nothing to be done about it, unless you have a hundred acres and spray the trees with water or set out heaters we have no choice but to let nature take it's course.
Funny, I walked out to the chicken coop this morning, and even though we have a few inches of snow hanging on the ground, you could feel the warmer temps aren’t far away. High near 60 tomorrow! Bring it on!!!

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I saw some daffodils jut starting to push thru the mulch the other day here. They may change their mind yet, but it was certainly a little unexpected. I have not seen any buds swelling thus far, but that does mean I need to get some trees shaped up!