Spraying near NON RR corn


for the first time ever, after several failed attempts I've got a decent corn stand but have some very large bare spots I'm going to plant brassicas in. I need to kill the weeds first to do so. How close can I spray roundup to my corn, it is not in rows, but broadcasted.
Spray preferably early in the am, when it is dead calm, so there is no drift.
Don't get any on your corn and you will be fine. If you get some on the corn, you'll just have a little bigger brassica plot.
Are you using a hand held sprayer? If so, you can use a gallon milk jug, with the bottom cut out, around the tip of the sprayer, to act as a guard, to keep from over spraying on your corn. Not sure how big your bare spots are and how tall your corn is?
If you're using an ag sprayer, you'll need to be more careful and just accept the fact you might have a bigger brassica plot.
You can spray right up to the corn and it won't hurt it, but don't get any on the corn or it's exposed roots.
Glyphosate goes inert when it hits dirt.
Lots of drift control additive, What weeds are you trying to control? There might be some chems that you could spray the whole plot and not hurt the corn.
If spraying GLY just remember the GLY has to make contact in high enough dose to kill anything. Most corn is RU ready anymore so I would not be too afraid of drift issues. Spray low and into the wind (so to speak) while wearing protective clothing.

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