Something you don't see every day


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IMG_6461.JPG My neighbor got a 120lb dressed buck with a penis and no testicles, thus no horns. Funny clump of hair growing on head. Perfect animal to remove from the herd

Look at this ugly thing - bet it tastes good, like a steer
I took this one in 2014 during rifle season. Penis, no testicles. Never saw it before I shot it. No pics or sightings at all.

He had a "flat hard patch" where they should have been. On field dressing, I could not find any indication of internal parts, but I did not dissect the "lump". He may have been intact at one point, but I cannot say for certain.
When I saw him coming through the woods near the end of November still in velvet, I knew he wasn't right though!
Due to him not rubbing, he has really long eyelashes, which also lends to it's odd appearance. He was also quite large bodied.