Soil test lab


Looking for a good soil test lab that I can mail about 5 soil samples to. I have been using the BioLogic service for the past few years because it’s quick and cheap, but the results are pretty basic (pH, P, K, Ca, Mg) and last year they screwed up all my reports. I have 2 new plots that have reasonably good pH, P, K, Ca and Mg, but they are not performing well at all and I’d like to get a thorough soil analysis to see what’s going on. Thanks.
Does your county have an extension office/agent? Good place to start. Mine can get high end soil sampling done for me for a few bucks. Way cheaper than any other option, they get volume discounts from the lab they use and if your patient they ship a bunch of samples at the same time. Otherwise you can pay a few extra bucks for shipping. I think my last ones were like $8 including the extra shipping cost

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Yep check your local county agent or state university. Mine are done free, even providing the soil bags.