Snake gaiters for early season

2016 has been a big year for big rattlers at the Ponderosa. My bird dog was bit by a big rattler in April. I had not had him in for his annual Red Rock vaccine. He was down for six days, then a total of thirty days to full recovery. A few days later I killed another big one. Pretty much my whole spring and summer has seen me in snake gaiters.

Yesterday I was spraying with my old Polaris ATV and didn't have my snake gaiters on but did have sense enough to have a shovel with me. I slammed on my brakes and shut the ATV off and recorded this video on my phone.

I decide I will cut them off by driving quickly between them and the six foot tall fire weed and get them with the shovel. I roll up there fast, hit the brakes and shut the Polaris down. The snakes are paying no attention to me and continue their necking and loving on each other. I decide I will take a close up video of them that are right beside me, but I have my leather gloves on. I slip my left glove off, get my camera on my phone on and hit the record button. Well I drop my glove down in front of the snakes. I try to catch it and that causes me to knock the shovel out. Fortunately, the snakes are still doing their thing and paying no attention to me.

Here is the biggest of the two.


Looks like I will be getting a few more pairs of snake gaiters for my guests that will be hunting early muzzle loader season and archery season.

Maynard Reece Byrd
M. R. Byrd Outdoors(Athlon Riflescopes)
Dodge City, Kansas
Similar deal at camp but swapping rattlers for copperheads. Year of the pit viper I guess.

Cool vid I never remember to do that pre-smash.