Show Your Tree Seedlings Thread


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I would love to see what everyone has accomplished in the 2016 growing season and thought I'd share a few of my tree seedlings. I direct seeded trees in a garden bed, grew in containers, and planted small bareroot seedlings into a garden bed.
Couple of Chestnuts (from WPDeer) started in either jiffy peat pots or conetainers, then transplanted into homemade fabric pots for most of the summer.
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Red Oak...


Pin Oak......




Cedars that were pretty weak when I received them bareroot. I spaded them into the garden for a year of trouble free growing.


Pitch Loblolly that I received bareroot, but they were very weak trees. Stuck them into the garden bed.

Pitch Loblolly seedlings that I found growing on the Home 10 and transplanted into the garden bed. They were wee little things back in March. Probably need another year here..


Direct seeded chestnuts in the garden bed...


Luke with a few apples grafted to rootstock this spring....


Sawtooths direct seeded.....


Same sawtooths in September......


How it all started back in the spring..... The pots are for the silky and gray dogwood shrubs. I grubbed up small suckers from around the main shrub.


The little Pitch Loblolly seedlings I scooped out of the ground. They were tiny. These I placed into small pots and don't have a follow up pic. But they've done well.


I see some small pine bark in the growing media, are you mixing your own or buying off the shelf.

Next question - explain some things about your garden bed. It looks loose to me and I am wondering if you have compost or what.

Conclusion: your garden bed is giving those plant a great boost.

Please explain how you dig one of those sawtooth or chestnuts up out of the garden bed.

Impressive photos. Gosh - I am very impressed. Please share the little steps if you would.

Here are the apples I grafted this year and have growing in my garden plus a few of the ACCF and one Indy Larry tree that I have still in pots. I've gradually planted most of my chestnut trees out and these are the smaller ones.KINDLE_CAMERA_1473165287000.jpg KINDLE_CAMERA_1473165190000.jpg
Thank you, Wayne. I feel like ive had a good growing year with my trees.
The pine bark you're referring to in the small pots with baby pines is a simple potted mix i purchased and added nothing. All the fabric pot soil i mixed myself using potting mix, sand, pine bark that I crushed myself (that wasnt fun :D), and osmocote. I followed a basic recipe but cant remember proportions off hand. I also watered with miracle gro a half dozen times this summer. Roots have grown through the fabric and been air pruned as well.

The garden bed is nothing special. Its been worked for nearly a decade for multiple purposes, including trees. I grew rye there over winter, mulched heavy with grass clippings this spring, and weeded constantly in July and August this year.
I did throw down triple 12 at planting/seeding and hit it again before a rain in July. I think its biggest benefit was a lot of rain and keeping the weeds out. But its not what i would call loose soil. Those trees are pretty happy though :).

Early next spring, i will lift them with a spade and keep some dirt on the roots, placing them into a plastic grocery sack tightly wound around the roots to get them into the field. It'll be fun to check out those roots!
Here is one of my chestnut seedlings. I direct seeded this in mid-May and this was taken in late August. I received the nuts last fall from Wayne. I'd estimate this is 4' - 4.5' tall. I'm pretty happy with the first year's growth.
image2.jpeg image3.jpeg Hybrid Chestnut and Red Oak. There may be a maple and some Rose of Sharon in there, too. Started under the lights, transplanted to 1 gallon RM in May and 50 Chestnut/ 12 Oaks were put in the ground last week.
Mix group of Oaks started late spring (schuettes. burs. and shumards)

Started a few persimmons also

Pear seedlings started this spring. I will move them up to 3 gallons bags here shortly then over winter at home and graft next spring.

I have 8 chestnut trees (I absolutely suck and growing chestnuts). Just don't think I used the right potting mix.

A mix of apple and pear seedlings that were started spring of last year and grafted to known varieties this last spring. Pears include Kieffer, Moonglow, Orient, and Korean Giant. The apples include an unknown cider apple, enterprise, arkansas black, goldrush, Dolgo, and some unknown apple that Brush sent me from his neighbors tree.

I am pretty much tree'd out. I will still have to take care of the pears that I have to graft next year and Brush is going to send me a few AC nuts but that is it. In the future if I plant trees I will just buy them or direct seed.

You guys know how to grow some trees! Some of the direct seeded chestnut pics are incredible.

Got white pines up front, apple pear grafts on the next row, then Dunstan, wbp, and Indiana Larry chestnuts after that.

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Very impressive. I think you folks have proven that direct seeding and the use of tree tubes are great methods.
6ft growth on a white oak bare root? Thats got to be a record. Thanks for sharing.

Neahawg, your pile of trees looks like mine. :)