Got My Box of Chinese Chestnuts - Now What??

One with mold is a great percentage of avoidance. Your attention once a month helped keep that down. I suggest that of the 5 with weevil holes 2 or 3 them will germinate when place in growing media. That is what I believe.

Some of my trees produce chestnuts that are darker. Some produce lighter brown chestnuts that are so pretty in color. I mixed what goes out as best I can. We put what I collect in huge tubs and pull from multiple tubs to get the 52 we ship. Diversity is my goal and I know it will help your chestnut crop, mine and others growers too.

I stand by the firmness test with a squeeze between thumb and finger. Mold means they get tossed - you did good.

When I am ready to increase germination and plant - I soak them about 3 hours to hydrate them good. I look at the radicle end and many times you can see it but it wants a little heat to grow. We cold stratify to delay germination. Your cold stratification has worked.

Soak them and dry them. Then put them in a bag dry and stick them on top of the fridge so they get warm at room temperature. Check them in two days and every day thereafter until the 5th day out of the fridge. At that point put them back in the fridge for four day and pull them out for two days.

Many of my chestnuts are placed in rootmaker 18s without a radicle showing. The first radicles showing get planted first so we don't get curly radicles.

Your stratification has worked well because you have good numbers and not many radicles. Be patient - they will germinate well. The temperature of a fridge and how it influences moisture in the chestnuts can change when they germinate.

Your good chestnuts will likely have a three week range of germination - fast group, average group and slow pokes. Get your mind around that now and you will avoid getting frustrated. It is nature's classroom - not ours.

Good Luck. I think you are in an excellent position. ;)