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Give me some guesses:

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I find night pics deceiving. But, short browes, maybe 9 inches on G3. Wide, but tips not extending close together. Possibly 30 inches mass. 155+. He's on the ground regardless in my area. Good luck.
Almost exactly what I thought except I have him at 145 to 150. But I'm not any good at this so I want others opinions.
Anyone see it different than dogghr?
I tend to agree. If he is 4, that is a deer that could blow up big time. But you have to be the one to make that call. Would for sure be a hard deer to pass for me.
I don't see me shooting him this yr, but it's easy to say that from behind a computer. I would like to see him grow a yr or two. Always the chance that someone else shoots him or he gets hit by a car though.