Scope for a 450 Bushmaster


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I am in the process of getting a 450 Bushmaster for my girls to use for hunting.

They have shot some small guns target practicing, but this will be the first gun they shoot big enough to harvest a deer. What are your thoughts of a scope to mount on a gun like this for a youngster? I have a very nice 3 x 9 x 40 that I took off my muzzleloader this past year, but was contemplating putting a scope that had a little more magnification for them so they could aim a bit "smaller".

Would love some feedback on this, as this is the gun they will use for their first harvest and would love to do it right for them.

My 9 year old is now running a 3x9 on the 300 blackout. I started him out with a 1.5-4 thinking the lower magnification would be easier to use. He likes the 3-9 better. I would think 9X would get you plenty for a short range round like the 450.

I have thought about building a 450 or 458 socom for my collection. I will be interested to see how you like it.
That's what im wondering. I am by NO means a marksman by any means, but I always dial mine up to 7 power or even 9 power when hunting at deer even as close as 50-60 yards.not sure if thats totally wrong, but I figure why not dial it right in !?

Does your son feel the same way? If he likes the 3x9 better than the other, Would he like a 4 x 12 THAT much better, Or is that not how it works?
I know as close to zero about guns as you can imagine. Just trying to walk through the process, with no regrets.

Thanks E_308
His rifle stays on 3X. All of his shots are under 100 yards. The bigger field of view makes it easier to find the deer in the scope. I would stay stick with the scope you have you can always upgrade later.
My 14 year old has a .243 with a 3x9 scope. I have to always remind him not to have it on 9x but every time we hunt he cranks it up to max power. If it had 12x he'd crank it up to 12 when I'm not watching. Maybe it's a boy thing I don't know. Maybe my son is just stubborn. Actually I know this to be the case. He shot a deer this year at 60 yards on 9x. I scolded him on it and his reply was "well I hit it didn't I". Thing is he never saw the other two deer that were 20 yards from the one he shot.
I like the field of view to be a bit larger than 9x gives you. If you think you're girls are ok with getting on target at 3x then moving it up if need be then I think the 3x9 is a great choice.
Thanks for the replies. That makes it a lot easier, and cheaper for me ! I've got a spare 3x9x40 that will look nice on a new gun.
Thanks again for the advice, and glad the advice was, what it was :D
The more magnification, the more perceived unsteadiness will be experienced... Wide field of view around the target is good and helps the safety aspect of hunting...
I have had an AR 15 in .450 Bushmaster for years. I have a 2-7 on it and most of the time it stays on two or three. Younger folks especially have a difficult time locating the target in the scope and the lower magnification helps with that. I use mine for deer and hogs. I have taken hogs out to 200 yards. If I need a higher power scope, I need a longer range weapon.
Last 4 seasons since straight wall rifle rounds became legal in Ohio I used my Marlin 45-70. Shooting Hornady FTX plastic bullets I needed to scope adjust 7" high at 100 yds to be dead on 100 yds.
I just bought the Nikon 3-9 BDC scope. Bullet Drop Calculater program on the Nikon site I can put in my chrongraphed info and get the bullet drops on the 4 scope sighting rings.
Just waiting for the weather to break to get it sighted in.
In 2017 I switched from the 45-70 to a TC Encore 460 S&W mag. With the 460 S&W I get about 50% reduction in hold over than with the 45-70 at longer ranges.