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I live in Ohio and am getting a 450. I'm on a budget so I'm between the Ruger predator and the Mossberg Patriot. I've read a lot that suggests that the only real difference is the price. Anyone have any first hand knowledge of these guns or anything more than, "oh well I read this..." Thanks
When I was looking at those models (different caliber) they seemed pretty comparable. I asked for help as well and neither seemed to be clearly better or more liked than the other. I do recall that I "think" the Mossy has an available wood stock (at a price) and the Ruger does not. If that matters to you. I bought a Howa instead (I liked their rubberized stock). Put both in your hands and see which one you like best. Not sure either will let you down...but you may find some "minor" thing you like about one over the other. If you're on a budget are you looking at retail stores, on-line, both??? I found that many retail stores can't beat the on-line long as you have a dealer willing to work with you as you will need a dealers FFL in order for the gun to ship. Just as a point of comparison I bought my Howa 1500 Game Keeper (blued rifle in 308 w/ Nikko Stirling scope 3.5-10 x 44 and rings) for $460 from Grab-a-gun on-line and a $20 FFL charge from my local dealer. I had it home for under $500.
Thanks I appreciate the feedback. That's about what I figured. I haven't got my hands on the Mossberg yet. Hopefully U can find one local. Thanks again.
Thanks I appreciate the feedback. That's about what I figured. I haven't got my hands on the Mossberg yet. Hopefully U can find one local. Thanks again.
What I did was went to a large gun show. It was just as easy for me as going to a large retailer that would have a wide enough selection (Bass-pro, Cabela's). Either way - just go someplace with a large selection....many "local" places may struggle in that aspect. With a large selection you should at least be able to find the models you are looking for....maybe not the caliber you're looking for, they may be used, but at least the models, so you can see how they fit and function to base your final decision on. This helps you build confidence in your selection.
The differences from what I see is that the patriot can come in a walnut stock. that will lesson some recoil. if you are looking at synthetic... then the Ruger can come in camo if you want. But the biggest difference is the barrel length. Ruger is only at about 16.12" or 16.5" in barrel length depending on the one you go with. The patriot comes in a 20" barrel. The extra length with allow more muzzle velocity. That would allow for a little longer distance shooting and your foot pounds of energy wouldn't drop as much down range with a longer barrel. So if you are looking real long distance then the longer barrel may be a bit better. It would probably all depend on the application you are looking at.
I too am on a budget . I also live in Ohio , I went with a deferent caliber then the 450BM. I got the Mossberg Patriot synthetic model .350 ledgend .
What I can tell you is the mossberg has a adjustable trigger. 20 inch barrel. Has a 4 round magazine. I like Mossberg probably better then the Ruger . For one it is cheaper . Made just as well as the Ruger. Mossberg is known for makeing solid guns at a reasonable price.
All that said you can’t really go wrong with either one.
If you are really looking for a value try the CVA Hunter or CVA Scout . CVA chambers both models in 450 Bush master. They also chamber them in 45-70-.44 magnum.
I have the Hunter model in 45-70. It is a solid gun. I haven’t been hunting deer with rifles to long . That CVA Hunter our shot my H&R handi rifle in 45-70. It’s probably the best shooting rifle I have . I haven’t shot my .350 ledgend yet .
I’m on a budget and haven’t been able to work in a decent scope for it . When I do I will let you know how the Mossberg shoots.

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