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So I have a friend I was telling about this site last night. She and her husband own a 75 acre farm in SC that basically... just sits there. They have a few cows on the site, but nothing else.

What would she need to do to lease the land out to someone looking to hunt it? I mean... is it as easy as throwing an ad up on Craigslist, or would she need to do something to the land?
Pretty sure that's... all it would take. Another good option to keep it local is to stop in at a local sportsman's club or Fireman's Hall and let them know their intentions. Word about leasing usually travels pretty fast.
I am a member of a lease and we have a contract stating what is and isn't allowed. Things like trash being removed,fences take care of,no live trees being cut, where vehicles can be used, ATV use addressed, who is allowed to hunt that isn't a lease member (16 and under relative for us). When they can be there (year around for us). Contact and hunting license info, release of liability and no fault signature..

Landowner doesn't really have to do anything to the land other than a good way into it and perhaps some road work if required to use certain roads.

What might really be wise is to take out an insurance policy in case someone injures themself while there. This is not required but in this society we have now adays would just be smart...
She could place an ad on a website similar to this one and get attention that way. The GON site in Georgia has a section for posting land for lease outside Georgia. it would require free membership to post there.

I would suggest to her that she make it a requirement that whomever she leases the land to purchase liability insurance. This coverage is easily obtainable online for about $175. It protects the lessor and the lessee. Some common sense rules like no nails in trees, where camping is allowed, where driving is allowed etc. would be prudent as well.
Small tracts like that in Georgia would lease for somewhere from $12-$15 per acre for just the land. If there were a house or other improvements that the hunters would be allowed to use then that would sweeten the potential for a higher rate.
She could send me an aerial. I could either help with finding a lessee or down the road might be interested in it myself. Send to my email and I can pass along to a few guys I know that hunt down south.
We're seeing them next week, I'll definitely bring it up.

I guess to throw another rookie question there, would it make sense for her to apply a lot of the things in here first? She has enough capital to invest in it, but if you were looking to lease land (or hunting rights I suppose), would it benefit her to invest a little in making certain that the land is better suited for deer?

Example - they have the outline of a pond to be dug. The pond would obviously be a huge benefit to the wildlife... would she be able to lease it for more after it is dug out, or do people not care enough... we're in upstate SC where there are plenty of streams but very few ponds. Damn clay
Just my opinion here....

#1 - she needs to look into any sort of insurance she may need to have. Most states have some sort of clause that read that anyone participating in hunting or fishing on private land do so at their own risk.....but having a blanket policy just in case may not be a bad idea. The fact of money changing hands may or may not impact the legality of things as well.
#2 - she needs a contract. Needs to define the property and any rules, payment terms and especially terms that allow her to terminate the lease. The more details she includes the more black and white things become. Consider anything a habitat guy or hunter may want to do and try to list if it's OK or not.

Some folks will be interested with no habitat work done. Some may want the flexibility to do some habitat work themselves. Some others may want a more turn-key sort of situation. It all depends on what she wants to do and those sorts of thing. It can also affect the price she can get as well. A "virgin" property would be easiest, but may bring less money, while one with some work done or the ability fir a hunter to do some small "approved" projects may bring a little more money. Some folks just want to hunt and they want a "like on TV" sort of situation....that requires a lot of work on the land owner part, but should bring a higher price point as well.
Typically she probably wouldn't get much more out of it with the pond. Although the pond is a great benefit. Food Plots, sanctuary areas, native grasses etc. I would leave up to the lessee to pay for them or at least help pay for them. If they are wanting a pond I would say add it but doubtful that someone leasing it would pay more for it or pay for the pond for them. Typically in our area I pay around $20 an acre for my leases but am leasing large numbers of acres from an individual owner. I don't think that 25K+ investment in the pond will gain them enough extra income to pay for the pond.
We pay $6 an acre for ours and shoot deer like this...




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As J-Bird stated the paperwork is a must. If I was her I would ask the person leasing the property to carry the insurance (At least 1 Million in liability). I would then put together a waiver to have person leasing sign waiving all rights of a lawsuit in any form. The contract is an obvious must. I wouldn't lease a piece of ground without having the contract to prove that I have the right to be on the property. If she is planning on leasing a house with the property I would do that on a separate contract for house only. She could get around $500 a week for lodging. I personally add food and lodging for $500 a week for my hunters but I am also doing this as a perk for my hunt club members. I know guys that would pay up to $1000 a week for food and lodging (if it's a nice place) and be happy to do it. If you pay for motel and meals 2 or 3 meals a day you would be over the $1000 a week that she is charging.
:) I have already said what I am giving $8 would be a steal!! I wish ground around here went for that. Shoot I would be happy if ground like that was even available around here.
Not wanting to hijack the thread but what would a lease for turkey hunting be worth? Lodging provided. (Spring Season)