Ravenna Grass?


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Also known as Elephant Grass... My neighbor 2 small patches of this growing in their front yard in the dry flintrock hills we live in. The seed heads at this time of year are really striking and it looks like a great ornamental type grass that gets extremely tall. I would say my neighbors is over 10-12 feet tall. I am thinking of planting dome of this along the fence near our county road for a very nice looking screen. I was going to stagger it with my pines. It looks like it holds up well to wind and even keeps some heighth through the dead of winter...

Has anybody had any experience with trying this grass?

Photo below is a representative photo we found online.





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I personally steer clear of anything non native, especially plants that are known to be invasive. It's cool looking for sure but I would definitely look for a native alternative
I hear you guys...problem is I plant a bunch of non-natives like Sawtooth Oaks and Loblolly/pitch pine. We already have it in the neighborhood and I have watched it going on 2 1/2 years in a yard about 1/2 mile from me and it looks great and I haven't seen any pop up anywhere else.

I did a google on Sawtooth and they call it invasive as well... Invasive means it has the ability to propagate without human help and can displace a native species...I am pretty sure most of my native grass has already been displaced by fescue, sereca lespodeza, Johnson, and Bermuda grass already which are all invasives...
I have seen it used in yard landscapes quite a bit. My Mom has something similar. She burns it every few years, or we take a chain saw to it. It is pretty in my opinion, but you are looking for utility I know.