Rain and More Rain


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My hunting lease just North of Greensburg, LA. Seven and a half inches over the last three hours and it's not moving out.

I wish a fraction of that rain would come my way. Good luck with all that rain and hope things work out for you.
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Ugh. I don't wish that much rain on anyone. Is your property going to be ok?

We got 20+" from one storm in October and it did millions of dollars (if not billions) across the state. It took months for everything to go back to normal here.
I was getting ready to head to the lease for a work weekend but had to cancel. Highway closed due to river flooding. I may need to add pontoons to my ATV.
Send some of that rain up here! We are still 3.6" down for the summer. Corn is stressed, ears are gonna be small this year. Soybeans are ok, but the pumpkins may only be 1/2 size come October.
It is crazy, some areas get way too much and some get way too little...we are in that way too little camp :(
We are at the tail end of a run of 100* days and about 5 weeks with no rain. I ready for change and some rain so I can start at least thinking about firing up the tractor. :)
Five hours later and it's still coming down. I have no idea how many inches at this point.

Friend I am sad to see that happening to you and your region. Roads, bridges, plots, and structures will be destroyed.

Hang in there. Hope you and yours are safe.
Hate that for you guys. Got frinds had be evacuated Down there. Water was up to there steering wheel in driveway. Good luck
I just received this on my phone from one of our hunting club members. It's the highway leading to our lease.