raccoons grrrrrrrr..........


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I can't keep them off my new deer feeder. I have a 350# boss buck feeder. I have shark teeth installed on the front and back of each leg, yet those little 4 legged varmints are finding a way up it still. I'm just about to the point where i'm going to begin trapping them. I installed the 2nd set of shark teeth on each leg last weekend and i'm hoping that will keep them off. I have yet to check to the camera to see if that's worked or not. So frustrating. What does everyone else if you feed protein?
Shark teeth don't work. Trapping them is like dipping the ocean with a spoon. You have to coon proof protein feeders. For Boss buck, one option is to put metal 'halos 'on each leg to keep them from climbing up. Shark teeth just give coons grip. Then they get contaminated with mud and are more worthless.

You may also have to raise you feeder slightly or dig a hole underneath the spout to keep the boars from doing chin ups to the spout and then sweeping feed out

Been fighting the coon battle for 20 years. Nontarget waste on protein feeders can be significant 20-30% or more. You have to solve problem at the feeder . There are coon proof feeders next time you go to buy one.

You may consider yourself lucky you don't have birds to contend with . They will scratch huge piles from the spout to the ground. I can solve that too if it becomes a problem.
Installing PVC on the legs sometimes helps. Rigging them to spin on contact. Maybe electrifying the legs with a solar battery? The feeder itself is plastic so it shouldn't bother the deer unless they bump into it. Hanging the feeder might help.
Axle grease works like a charm. I did one of mine with pvc pipe but you dont need it with axle grease. They stay the heck off of the legs with that stuff and the deer don't seem to mind it.
Could be worse. Coons are very rare where i live, but i have lots of bears on my property. Cant have a feeder out except when the bears are denned up for the winter.
Well.....wish I would've asked here before I bought those worthless shark teeth. Man those things are sharp though.
Vaseline and axle grease is up next! Thanks guys.
Just keep in mind axle grease or vaseline will need to be repeated at regular intervals. And I've not found them to be 100% effective. Certainly messy. An easy halo made out of flashing fixes the problem once and for all.
well I have some extra flashing laying around too. looks like i've got some projects this weekend :)
Well i feel dumb now. After saying how i cant have a feeder out because of bears... its been a rough winter and i was feeling sorry for my deer so i dumped a bag of sweet cob on a stump in my back yard. Woke up this morning and surprise surprise, had to chase a bear out of the yard. I knew it was dumb to put that stuff out in may.
Say what you want but the ONLY way to keep coons out of your feeder is trapping them. We WORE THEM OUT a couple years ago and that stopped it. When I start to see them on camera again---out go the traps. Trapping WILL stop them.