Question on pear trees.

Jack Terpack

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I have a Seckel pear and an Ayers planted. Both have mulitple stems about 3 feet off the ground. Any advice on pruning at this time? I have no idea of the growth habits of these two trees. How should they be trained?
Hard to say without a picture. I have several Ayers pears and all were easy to train to a central leader. The largest one must be 35 feet tall and loaded with pears this year.

My thoughts are that unless the trees are too big you could train them to a central leader now, but as stated, I wouldn't say for sure without seeing them. I'm always nervous about making too big of a cut near the ground.
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How tall are they? Did you just plant them? Small trees are easy to prune. Pick out a central leader, then cut back the other verticals to an outward facing bud.
I decided to cut to one central leader. I want the fruits to be out of reach of deer so I don't want low branches. I'l try to get the first branches about 6 feet off the ground. Makes mowing around them simpler also.