Quercus Alba growth rate.


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Is anyone getting this type of growth for an alba? The acorns from the tree I collected from also seemed to have more vigor than some other albas for comparison. This was an acorn I planted in 2016, and the tree is already 6’ tall.


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Here's a pic

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That sounds about right
beautiful tree and large acorns with historically slow growth rate here in east texas

I love those burr oaks! We have a few ancient ones on our farm. Most of them are hollow and I dread the day I go out there and see one of them on the ground. :(
I’ve got some 3rd leaf concordias that have crept before now, but this year have gone nuts with our (so far) wet spring. Those that were babied are waaaay ahead of the ones that didn’t get as much attention.

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I was finally able to get over to my parents' house the past few days and do some work and check on the trees I have planted over the past few years. I was glad to see the white oaks I planted last year are doing well. Two of the six I planted are out of their 5-foot tree tubes. The other four are approximately 3 foot tall. These were all acorns two years ago. In the fall of 2018, I planted 25-30 white oak acorns in a raised bed. I then selected the best looking trees to plant out last year. I am happy with their progress as once they are planted with tubes, they do not get any supplemental care. Hopefully they will continue to thrive.