I have a half acre plot of medium red and white clover. Lots of purple leaves in the clover. Research says it's usually caused by Boron deficiency. Today I bought a 4 lb. box of 20 Mule Team Borax. I filled my 25 gal. sprayer while pouring in the Borax. Mixed in the Clethodim and crop oil and let it mix a few minutes. My Fimco sprayer is modified by having the suction line hooked up to the drain hole with a washing machinne hose screen. It allows me to suck all but a few teaspoons out of the tank. The opposite end is on a 2X4 to facilitate flow. The original suction tube with strainer on the bottom is thus left unused. I put a short hose from the pump outlet to that tube to let it circulate. When ready to spray Idisconnected the short hose and hooked up the spray wand. I haven't figured out how to use my boom yet. With the platform carrier in the receiver hitch, it is too low on my Trailblazer.

When I was done it looked like there was about a quarter of the Borax left in the bottom. Waited a few hours and refilled the sprayer except with 2,4db. After letting it circulate again I sprayed the clover and when I was done there was no more Borax in the tank. It appears there is a limit to how much Borax will disolve in 25 gallons of water. Time will tell if this foilier application does what I hope.

A question I have...Will a follier application translate to higher soil Boron levels as leaves fall to the ground and decompose?

To celebrate finishing I went to Culvers and had a Ruben melt. Tasty! Walked out to the truck and the air dam was dangling on the ground. Glad it just pops back in place.

I put it on dry with a leaf blower when I do it. Last year, I did two 4-lb boxes on a half acre. Be careful with it though. If you don't have adequate calcium in your soil, it can be easy to slip past the line of not enough to scorched.