Protein Feeders

So I ordered the Banks 275 gravity feeder. Looks like a quality piece and if it is I will order more of them. You can get one shipped to your door from for $177.97 by simply joining their club and entering promo code TAKEOFF20%. I didn't want to be on the auto renew feature on their club so I called and it was a no hassle transaction. Hopefully this helps someone else save a little cash!

I've had 2 of the Banks Outdoors gravity feeders out since last year. Only issue is pigs will loosen the feed ports as their held in place with wing bolts. We completely solved the issue by screwing wood screws thru the edge of the ports into the base of the feeder. Bomb proof feeders if you put the critter guards on them like shown above. Others say they have good luck by sliding a six inch pvc pipe over the 4x4 post before sliding the feeder down on the post. I really like these.

I have used 2 of these Texas Hunter barrel feeders since 2011. They are built like tanks! Legs are single piece, heavy steel with huge anchors that pigs can't budge or destroy. Only issue is squirrels will climb the legs and chow the inserts that funnel the feed to the ports. Putting spike strips on the legs this week to deter squirrels.
Texas Hunter.jpg