Protecting mounts from UV light


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Seeing a slight bit of fading on my shoulder mounts. The house is pretty much all windows on the East side, so moving them isn't going to help me at all.

Is there anything I can apply to the Cape's to protect them even a little from fading ?

They still look great, and no complaints, but I can definitely see a shade lighter the older they are, and where they are situated on the wall.

Thanks in advance :)
I don't know of anything. I would think you would have to tint the windows with something to cut down on the UV. Just tell the your wife it will keep from damaging the furniture.
Getting your windows in the house tinted or having a UV protectant film applied to them. Most tint has a UV protection of some kind in it. We have a local tinting company that has tinted many house windows and/or applied a clear UV protectant film. Either one does help with protecting everything in the house from fading and also helps lower your electric bill in the summertime by keeping it cooler in the house. We had our store windows tinted and noticed a difference in how much cooler it was immediately and also that product labels quit fading.
Thanks guys ! I'll get some quotes yet this winter on the Protectant.... for the "furniture" :D want to spend some money and replace the windows or for future reference, my windows have a clear UV protector. It is an add on cost but not much. Had them for 25 years on this house so not sure of todays cost. It's within the panes and if cleaning that area you cannot use amonia cleaners. My windows are Pella, not sure if option with other brands.
I remember looking into getting UV film applied to some of our 1980s era Andersen windows. Seems to me that it was not recommended for those windows. I think they said something about the film causing heat build-up which caused the loss of the internal seal???
I can't say I'm 100% accurate on the exact reason why UV film wasn't recommended, but I do remember that it wasn't recommended.
Better check before you add film or alter your windows.