Plot Screening


Has anyone tried Frigid Forage's plot screen or something like Egyptian Wheat to screen off a plot? I need to screen one side of a plot and I'm looking for the best option.
I have been using plot screen from Arrow seed. It's a blend of Egyptian wheat and different sorghums. I think it stands up better than straight Egyptian wheat. Some tips. Good clean ground is a must. Burn down with gly. I have a tiller and like to go 10-12 ft wide which makes a good screen. Good amount of lime and urea before planting. Then after planting a dose of Simazine herbicide. I do all my plots like this that don't have permanent screens. Although, I have planted many thousand of spruce trees around my plots because planting the screens every year is a pain but, very effective,
Wind can play havoc with EW so your trying to get the thickest stalk you can. Lots of good info already but I will add this: seeding rate has to be light to give plants enough space to grow the large stalks. Also you can not skimp on N. Those plants will suck up the N just like corn as they are putting on a lot of growth.

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I used FF plot screen twice. 1st year it came in great. Deer where bedding in it as well. 2nd time I overseeded which stunted it's growth and weeds took over. Since then my shrub screen has grown up, but I would use it again for a small area.
I've used sorghum sudan cross several times and been very happy with it. While the EW is impressive, I've found the S-S to create a screen that is just as good (from a deer's perspective). If your goal is to keep other eyes from seeing into your plot, it might not grow as tall as you'd like. Mixing in a very small amount of EW with S-S might be a great approach. Lots of N, either way...especially applied about 4 weeks after planting, with rain in the forecast.
I've used FF Plotscreen for the past 3 years with good success.

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I've have good success with a sorghum-sundan grass hybrid.
I second the sorghum for a screen. Pearl millet is also in the same family, I planted them together in a mix last year and the pearl millet grew higher, had a thicker stem, and stayed standing longer. Also, consider an evergreen like a Norway spruce for a permanent planting if you need a permanent screen.
Said this before but... I've done the EW and Milo Sorghum routine and it is work, N expensive, seed expensive, requires prior spraying, etc. And what do you get? Great screen until first ice or heavy snow storm and/or severe winds. Mine was on the ground before the rut started when I did it despite good thick stalks. So heres what I do. Simply manage Goldenrod 10 feet deep around plots. It grows 7-9 feet. Cost me nothing. No fert, no spraying and stands with snow and wind into January. Let nature do your work and spend time and money on something else. I have to walk right by my plots and deer have no worries with me. BTW I still have bag of EW thats sat there for couple years I should give to someone.
I used it two consecutive years to screen an interior road from a nutrition plot, and it made a beautiful screen, but as said above, the wind plays hell with it. Also, it's of dubious use if you have hogs, 'cause they'll eat any kind of seed head even if it's eight feet off the ground. Not a problem for them, they'll just ride it down to their level !:mad: