Playing back cuddeback videos?


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First, I am not a computer person and when people talk in computer jargon it matter as well be Chinese as
it outside my comprehension level.

Second, I have gone from a Blackberry to a flip phone and am happier.

So that should put things into perspective with what your dealing with.

I have a few dozen cuddeback vids that I cannot play back. I have tried to download the links at cuddeback
but they do not work, I gather because they are not made for Vista. I have watched vids on how to convert
MP4 files to something else and have failed at every attempt.

So, short of taking the Windows Vista computer that will no longer be supported by Microsoft and that will not allow an upgrade to Windows 10 without paying $100+ out back and putting it down via the 12 gauge, is there a simple way to accomplish my end goal of simply watching these vids on what I have?
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