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Okay guys this is my first post here, but I was an avid reader and follower of the QDMA forums and I already recognize many names who were also over there. Anyways, we have been unbelievably dry here in MS with our only rain in two and a half months coming just this past Monday(1/2 an inch) with more rain predicted next week, so obviously I haven’t been able to plant. I was going to plant a mix of clover, wheat and rye. So should I bush hog, disk, plant then cultipack or should I just no-till by rolling it in? I’ve never no-tilled before so if that is the preferred option, a step by step process would be greatly appreciated. When is it just absolutely too late for me to plant? It’s suppose to get down in the low to mid 30’s this weekend, if that matters.
Unless you have a no till drill, those conditions are pretty tough to deal with. If you disk you are going to lose whatever soil moisture you have left. What does the plot look like now? Post some pictures if you can. This might be the perfect opportunity for throw and mow:

1) broadcast seed into standing dead vegetation

2) mow vegetation so it creates a uniform thatch layer.

3) pray for rain

This method will have your seed sitting out there and ready should moisture ever arrive, and it will preserve the tiny bit in there now. Make sure your expectations are realistic: drought = bad food plots!
Since you have not sprayed I would mow short and disc to try to knock out competition. I don't think your going to be happy with the results of a throw and mow with no previous prep work.
Alright, so it's 29 degrees right now with rain forecasted Wednesday the low for the next two days is 34 and 49.. would it be ok to go on and plant tomorrow(Sunday)?

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Don't expect much planting this late but if you've already paid for seeds then get them in the ground.