Plant id help

Ed K

Trying this from my phone, as that's where the pics are.

Whatever this stuff is, it's thick. Has vine like roots. I had attempted to plow this spot this spring for a food plot, and it almost snubbed out my dad's 40hp 4wd New Holland when it grabbed the roots.
As of right now, it's roughly waist high (I'm 6').

I'm hoping someone can tell me what it is, and if I can somehow clear it out, as it would make a great food plot location.
I don't want to just start hosing it down with gly to find out that was the wrong move!
It has no flowers, and the deer seem to stay out of it for the most part. Did jump one bedded in it last fall on my way to a stand.

Can you get a picture of the stems? Also what part of the country are you in?

If I was forced to guess right now I would say Pennsylvania Smartweed, but would like to see the stems and how the leaves come off.

Also, if you are far south, you should have seen a head by now if my hunch is close.
Sorry, forgot this doesn't display my location. I'm in central Wisconsin.
I can get a photo of the stems some evening this week.
It does stay damp, but no standing water.
The previous landowner had the property in his family since Wisconsin became a state. In connversation with him, he had told me that this was once upon a time a pond that filled itself in over the years. It is a big "bowl", and the lowest spot on the property.

Is there any benefit to it whatsoever, or should Itry to get rid of it?
It's never wet enough there for ducks, so it looks like I will eliminate it and try to get the soil worked. The pics in that like you gave look just like it. My "google" searches turned up nothing, but I guess I wasnt putting in the right info!
With roots like that, whats my best option? Spray with Gly, then get in there with my skidsteer and dig the crap out of it?
The tractor with a plow didnt like it, plus it's my Dads tractor and I didnt want to break something forcing it.
I will be waiting until spring to do anything now.

Gly or 24d will knock it pretty well. Just give it a week or two for the roots to die and start to decompose.
Keep in mind that when you kill it, you probably haven't really killed it.

You seed bank is likely loaded with those seed and it will come back - especially since it likes that spot so well.

If you are serious about plotting there, I would keep doing multiple kills until you exhaust the seed bank of it. I've dealt with that stuff before, and it doesn't know when to quit.