Phragmites Control


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I'm familiar with most of the techniques and herbicides used to control Phragmites, or common reed, but am curious if any of you have found that one way works better than another?
I am not familiar with anything that works well.
Kpshet12 - I'd be interested in learning what you have tried and/or done in the past. It has become a veritable plague around my part of South Central Illinois.

Have you enjoyed any success at all with any method killing this scourge?
So far we've top killed it with a heavy dose of gly and 2-4 D, the problem is the rhizome sends up new shoots and the stuff grows so fast its hard to stay on top of. We've also top killed it by discing it under with the same problem. Recently we sprayed imazapyr on some new fields and on the edges of other established fields with varied results. It seems to have worked and prevented regrowth on new fields that were previously disced but barely affected the mature plants. But using imazapyr means the residual soil activity makes planting anything in the areas sprayed pointless for a while.

I've read shading and drowning work well but that's not feasible for the sizes of my fields and limited water in western KS. Other than that I've heard discing it and exposing the rhizomes before a freeze will kill them, haven't tried this one yet but might this fall/winter.