Persimmons & shade


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My small orchard (46 trees) is doing well but I'd like to add some Persimmons. Want to keep them on the downhill side for deer & bear but still inside my orchard fence (I think). Will they do OK in partial sun/shade or do they really need full sun? Anyone have experience with Persimmons in less than ideal sunlight conditions? Final question... where's a good place to purchase from & what kind for the mountains of VA - Zone 6b?
The native ones I have that produce well are on the edges. But, they are so tall that their crowns get plenty of light. I've got some that don't produce but are shorter and need to be released.

Maybe do some edge feathering to get more light on your edges.
I’m in your zone and have no shortage of persimmons in the timber. They are native trees and have probably been around longer than me. They produce very well even competing with oaks and maples for sunlight. As Ben said, they have grown very tall to get the sunlight they need.

I planted some three or four years ago that I purchased from England’s Orchard. He’s very close to me so I was able to drive and look at what he had. One produced last year, but I didn’t have any fruit this year. If I was getting more, I’d buy from him. He would be more than happy to answer any questions you have.
I have several persimmon trees planted and native. My experience is that they will grow fine in partial shade but if you want maximum fruit production they need full sun. I have several from England’s nursery as well. I’m sure being able to drive there and see what he has is major advantage because I’ve been disappointed with the quality of some of his trees he has shipped to me. My best persimmon trees came from Nolin Nut Trees also there in Ky. They are producing consistently now. The owner at Nolin recently passed away and they are not taking orders right now.

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Thanks guys! That's what I was wondering, we've got some native Persimmons on our farm that are in the woods that produce OK & some on the edges that produce a little better. Think I'll go for it & will get in touch w/ Englands Orchard to see what they recommend!