Persimmon trees


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The other Persimmon thread got me thinking... I'd love to plant some for a deer attractant down the road. What kinds do you recommend? They'd be planted in the VA mountains, zone 6B, about 1,500' elevation if that makes a difference.
I'm in 6a (the Kansas version). I've planted a bunch of American seedlings and have ordered some improved varieties. My hope is to graft the improved varieties to the seedlings once everything has had a few yrs growth on them. I would love to try some Asian or other varieties but my research made me think I was on the edge of where they could survive. I may have to look into that again to refresh my memory...

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I just ordered some from the VA dept of Forestry a couple weeks ago and they should be delivered about mid March. 12-18" seedlings at $2 a piece so they are a good deal and they have a minimum order quantity of 10. They don't specify what type but I would think they are a good native variety for VA.
I would recommend just native persimmons. Either start some from seed that has been gathered or like pinetag just order some from your state nursery. If you want seed let me know. I can get some pretty easy. Just start in pots of the first year then transplant when dormant the following late winter.