Pack Question Badlands 2200 Vs. Alps Outdoorz Hybrid Extreme


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I'm looking to buy a day pack that is under $300, and I want something that is capable of packing out a quartered deer. I'm considering the Badlands 2200 vs. the ALPS Outdoorz Hybrid Extreme. Any thoughts or opinions are greatly appreciated.

I have used the badlands for a day pack elk hunting and have packed parts of elk out.It will work but not the best.What we use to pack deer if too far or to muddy is a kelty pack frame.Usually you aren't packing like you would an elk so it doesn't have to be as tough
Welcome to the forum! When you say pack out a deer,, are you thinking deboned or just quartered? 2250 cu in is on the small size for gear and a deer, I'd be thinking more in the 3000 range. On a multi-day trip I use a Redhead Spike Camp frame pack (discontinued) with 6500 cu in and will fill that thing up with a tent, sleeping bag, food, rifle, etc and still have room for a deer. If you are only hauling one quartered deer with no other gear the 2200 should be just fine. I'd lean towards the Alps for the extra size.