One Down in MD


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So I get to where I found a bird gobbling the other day at daylight, a place where they like to roost. I picked out a tree, as I am putting out 2 hen decoys, I hear a gobble before I can get sit down at 5:50. I think to myself I can get closer, so I move another 30 yards or so closer. By now the gobbling is picking up in frequency. I get just about set up, and get a gobble from a second bird. As soon as I get set up, I hear a gobble from a gobbler behind me, that I walked by in the dark. 3 gobblers within 60 yards or so. I’m facing the direction of the 1st gobble but don’t hear a fly down, but hear drumming, then see slightly to my left about 40 yards a bird silhouette strutting. Then a second bird walking behind it. They both begin strutting and gobbling and slowly moving from left to right slightly closing in. It’s still very dim hard to see through red dot scope even on the dimmest setting. They get to about 35 yards but they are too close together to shoot, I gotta wait. Meanwhile, I hear drumming behind me closing in
, and hens start sounding off presumably still in the tree. I’m thinking the bird from behind me may bust me, so I gotta shoot the first chance I get. They separate just enough and I dropped the lead bird. His buddy stayed there. The bird behind me goes silent. After 15 minutes his buddy starts to gobble again, and calls up 3-4 hens that posture and flog my DSD hen decoys 17 yards away. A couple Jakes show up and the buddy gobbler chases one around. They leave, but buddy gobbler stays. A 3rd Jake shows up. I hear an occasional gobble from the 3rd bird who drifted off. The 3rd Jake leaves, but the buddy gobbler stays. I had to bump him away after an hour from pecking my bird.
Congrats on the gobbler suburb ! I need to quit this thread seeing as how I’m not going this year.......
Nice bird! Wish i could get out and try for another but with everything that's going on it doesn't look like that's gonna happen.

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They traditionally roost around the area I was hunting. I've since been there 2 times. I heard one hen fly down, then saw two hens the other time. Not a gobbler heard or seen.