Old timer

Old warrior no doubt. I killed one years ago like that, an old seven point that was over the hill. I have a “horn mount” of him on my living room wall because he was the first buck I killed with a handgun. He was also the heaviest buck I’ve ever taken. Good one, congrats Nova !
A big congratulations Nova. That's a monster deer especially for Nov. 21 to still dress at 200. Here 180 pounds is a very large deer as is everything up to 200 lbs. At 200 lbs though they are so much larger even though their actual weight is only twenty or less pounds more they look surreal in size as your deer does. Some years here we are involved in a 200 pound deer or hear of two or three and other years 190 is the largest anyone seems to shoot. It's just one of those things, probably like a 149 is a nice deer but over 150 score is another and special level in deer antler growth. Great deer and the huge size as great as it is is really just a bonus to his age; I've not seen deer with a white face before. It will be interesting to see what age his teeth says he is. Again congratulations on a heck of a deer.

Is there a story to be told about your hunt?
Centinum Alluni (spelling?) is very accurate. You need the two middle teeth from front bottom. They put them in a chemical to soften the teeth to an eraser consistency. Slice them than count centinum in teeth like growth rings in a tree. Way more accurate than jaw aging, that is only estimating.
Cementum annuli is + or - 1 50% of the time.

True, from what I’ve read. The study I saw stated that jawbone aging was a little over 50% accurate and the cementum annuli was a little over 60% accurate on deer whose ages were already known. I believe Dr. Mickey Hellikson did that study.