Old School Weed Control, for row crops


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Doesn't work so well for broadcast, 5 way cover crops, but something to think about if you plant beans or corn or even straight wheat, oats or rye. You can probably pick these things up at farm auctions dirt cheap, and when you use them, all it costs you is fuel and you can cover a lot of ground fast.

You can cut the 3' - 4' sections apart and they pull very easily with a 4 wheeler. They aren't perfect, but neither is spraying. Just something to think about.

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Yep. I remember row cultivators sweeps mounted front and rear. Tied into the steering to get around those curving rows. They were hard to steer. Could not go fast. Had to run as shallow as possible to keep from stirring up more weed seed.
A simple cultivator can go a long ways. I sometimes broadcast sunflowers a little thick and then pull a cultivator through them to thin them down and forn rows that ai can cultivate before they get too tall. Sunflower seeds are cheap.