Observations of barometric pressure?


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Does anyone pay much attention to barometric pressure while they're hunting? What have you noticed? Is there an ideal range that you've found?
I would guess that rising pressure would bring the most movement, because it means the storm has passed.

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If it's early October and pretty warm yet deer will move the best on a cold front high pressure system that follows rainy weather. If it's late in the fall and colder, deer will be moving best on the milder temperatures with the lower barometric pressure right before a storm. With these observations in mind and all the hours I've spent sitting for deer, my opinion is that a barometer isn't very important in predicting deer movement. But that's just my humble observation, I appreciate you bringing it up, maybe someone else has had different experiences with air pressures. Wind speed and direction and work schedules are the critical ingredients of most deer hunters plans of when and where to hunt, beyond those two big factors there's many minor factors, air pressure could possibly be one of those. I subscribe to Rusty's plan, when it suits to go hunting, go hunting.
Some people say barometric pressure matters. Some people don't. Personally, we talk about it as much as we talk about the moon and its impact on the rut. I've tried to fit it into my hunting strategy, but I've never seen what difference it makes. Maybe further north? Here in Virginia it seems deer are moving without much consideration of weather conditions.

Here's a fellow believing strongly in its effects.
It's written as if it were a scientific treatment of the subject, but, to me, it just looks like a bunch of assertions. I can't take it seriously. Nice read especially if it confirms your beliefs.

I'm fascinated by deer movement and the conclusions resulting from deer collared with GPS. I can't find it now, but not long ago the researchers presented their finding. Barometric pressure did not change deer movement behavior in the study group/area.

I love the thought of the idea, but I've found no reason to go steady with it.

On the other hand, wind might be more interesting although my mind is still open on this one...
The new QDMA magazine has some data on the moon and doe movements in Pennsylvania. Regardless of the moon phase, the does moved at dusk and dawn the same amount. They didn't have any accurate data for bucks.

We've got about 11 plots on 1200 acres...each with a cameras on them. We can't tell any consistency with deer movement across the whole property.

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So it seems like nobody notices a difference, and I really haven't either. It just makes me wonder why one day you'll see 30 deer, and 0 the next. But I guess that's deer hunting for ya

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I tend to look at it before I go hunting and sometimes while hunting, but I just go hunt. It makes my head hurt less and I'm not at home because I thought the pressure was going to be wrong and miss a chance at a deer.

Start keeping a journal of deer sightings or use an app. Make sure to write down all the info you can about the day. Weather(sunny/cloudy, etc), barometric pressure(high/low/steady), temp, moon phase(overhead/underfoot also), wind/wind speed...... The more info you have, the better you can look back and see the differences. There are really good hunters that already have written books or share their info freely(the Drury's) about all of this. You might start seeing combos of things that cause the deer to move or stay where they are. It works for fishing too.