Nut fridge moisture

For the first time I have 3 rm18 trays in my nut fridge containing dco's that were started for a couple of weeks and then put to sleep. I have around 300 acorns in ziplocks for spring growing in January. Keeping the 18's moist has turned the fridge into a humidity pit. My acorn filled ziplock bags are slowly collecting moisture and slight signs of mold have appeared. Wayne had mentioned on the chestnut thread to poke a few holes in the bags and it would prevent mold. The chestnuts are all indeed mold free by using this method. I have had damp paper towels in the other bags without holes and noticed a tiny bit of mold on the paper towels. I took all of the paper towels out and added red cedar shavings instead of sphagnum moss as it is naturally rot resistant and I have it. I also poked a few holes in the bags to increase airflow. The nut fridge is maintaining 70-80% humidity so I don't think the acorns will dry out with monitoring. What do you guys think? I have never had so much moisture in my fridge but I am thinking this should allow me to increase air flow without drying out my acorns and prevent mold. Am I correct? Opinions wanted good or bad!
When I store acorns I simply take a zip lock and punch holes in it with a toothpick or fork - the more the better to a point. I then put enough acorns in each bag to where there is only a single layer of them when the bag is laid on it's side and smoothed. I then add a rolled up piece of paper towel that is wet but not dripping to each bag. I then check the paper towel for moisture on roughly a weekly basis and they seem to do just fine.