Northern Whitetail Crabs?


Has anyone who has ordered been billed yet or notified of a shipping date?

They took my order before updating the website and said they would get back to me about payment. Haven't heard from them. Wondering if they forget about me.
Terry called me 2 weeks ago or so to get a credit card number. I am to call him when I want the trees delivered. You may want to give him a call

Just curious, what did you order? I ordered 12 total trees

2 Crossbow
2 30-06
2 Drop Tine
2 Gray Ghost
2 Sheepnose
2 Northern Spy

I am excited for these trees. My only concern is the fruit on the late drop crabapples are only 1"... hopefully drop before they are rotten.
1 each:
10 point (Discontinued, don't know what i'll get, if I get anything at all)

I emailed them on Mar 1 about payment. I'll call tomorrow. Thanks