It might not be as hard as you think. The first year is the hardest. All the time you hear people say "I wish we could do that here" or "got to shoot him bc my neighbors will if I don't." And the neighbors are saying the same thing.

Not trying to push strict rules on a group of people is the easiest way to go about it. Something simple just like what was established in 2009 with us. Most people are okay with not shooting 2.5 yr old deer, you just have to let your neighbors know you are willing to work with them.

After a few years of success, it becomes easier to go to the next level.
Thanks for posting the great deer pics. The level of cooperation in your neighborhood is just amazing! What can you tell us about ideas/ secrets that worked for your coop to get to that level of cooperation, or even just to get started? A lot of the stories I hear follow the theme of "The neighbors are all friends except for the two weeks of deer season they all hate each other" Or; "The only way we can be friends is if I can ride ATV on your property anytime I want to". With 2500 acres in your block, do you have poachers? What about landowners with only several acres in the middle of the block that have a baitpile behind their house and shoot everything?
gut_pile...I'd swear those were mid west bucks if I didn't know better. Or bucks from David Helmly's property not too far from you guys. I'm always amazed at the difference age makes on antler growth. Great thread! Looking forward to following along.