Newly cleared Plots - What to frost seed?


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I had a dozer operator come in and clear roughly 2.5 - 3 acres of plots. I’m planning to plant the LC rye mix in them this fall.

I’d like to get something productive growing this spring/summer prior to plowing it under for the fall planting. I’m also going to take some soil samples.

The first thing that came to mind was crimson clover and I also thought about mixing in some chicory.

What would you say is the best thing to frost seed knowing you are going to spray it in the fall and replant?
Alsike clover. It is cheap, handles cold and poor soils better than most other perennial or annual clovers. You will be spreading lime, and P and K per soil test, and controlling weeds by mid summer anyway. A quick cheap temporary ground cover is all you need for now.
I'd throw in some Buckwheat along with the suggestion of Alsike clover.
x2. Always associated frost seeding with clover, but after seeing how the deer hammered it last spring during early stages I will mix it in during the coming weeks..
I dang sure wouldn't throw down any chicory if you're planning to plow it in! My thought would be to not plant anything right now but go ahead and get a soil test and get your lime, etc. down and incorporated. In April I'd start plowing and planting buckwheat. You might get three plantings of it on there this year before time to plant cool season stuff in September. Not many better soil builders than buckwheat.
Thanks for the replies guys! I’ve got 50lbs of buckwheat left over from last year.

I’ll frost seed the alsike and see how it does.
You definitely can't frost seed buckwheat as suggested above. BW would be a great choice but not until after the soil warms and the frost season is over.
Crimson isn't supposed to frost seed very well either.
Maybe look into Balansa clover, but if you want to do a summer crop like buckwheat, there probably isn't much sense in doing any frost seeding. By the time a frost seeded crop gets established, it'll be time to terminate it for the summer crop.
Balansa would be my choice until the fall mix. The Balansa, if handled right, will produce seed for a sustained forage, too.
The more I think about it, the more I believe a cheap clover variety is the way to go in your situation.
Frost seed red or balansa clover and that will allow you to spray 24db for broadleaf and clethodim for grasses until you do the Lickcreek mix.
The clovers will add nitrogen for the fall crops and still give you some herbicide options throughout the spring and summer.