New resident in the pond


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Very destructive critters. I had a neighbor who had some move in. They started eating his oak plantation (trees where 10 or 15 years old) and backed up a huge amount of water. It took hunting/trapping a large dozer and excavator and even some TNT fixed it all......

Wildlife diversity is a great thing......but, have to think of the overall better good for the habitat!


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I think he already left. No sign of any tree damage or dams. I’m certainly keeping a close eye out. This little 2 acre pond sees all sorts of cool stuff...otters, a mink, a beaver, deer, coons, possums, armadillos, foxes, coyotes, bald eagles, osprey, wood ducks...


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Keep a close eye on them. I was tolerating them fine until one day I found two of my better persimmon grafted trees cut down and drug into the pond. Then I declared war.

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This season I caught four otters out of my little pond. If I had not caught them, they would have cleaned the pond out!

Jack Terpack

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We had a family of them move into the creek on our property in PA. In one week they destroyed over 100 apple trees that were a left-over from an old orchard. We destroyed dams and had
two trappers come in. It took over 5 years to get them to move on. It is illegal to even bother them in PA without a furtakers license.


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You may not see a dam in a pond,they will tunnel back in banks like in the dam,look for slides or smooth muddy spots going into water


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Buckdeer1 is right that they make the best pelts of anything. Super nice fur!

Ours don't make damns. They just kill a bunch of trees and leave them lay after they eat the bark. Makes life hell every time we get a flooded creek and I have to fix watergaps (fence). It's always tangled in beaver trees.


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We're lucky to be in a situation where the beavers can't do much damage. They make a cool little hinge cutting army for me. Free labor!