My food plots should be "happy"!!


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Got my plots in last Monday........for once the weatherfolks got the forecast right.....1.25"+ of rain in the 3 days since planting and slow enough for no washouts.....should get the plots off to a good start!!

Good for you ! I had similar luck last Sunday here at home. The ground was already wet from a previous rain, and we got a nice one about three hours after I got finished. Yesterday I planted a couple plots about 2 hours away and it was pretty dry, but we are forecast rain there for the next several days. I hope they ain't lying to me.
I'm getting good rain every couple of days. But if I plant now there's an 80% chance the Army Worms will wipe me out. Two more weeks and I'll be good to go. But in two more weeks there's and 80% chance of no rain until mid-October. Ain't food plotting fun?