My first throw-n-mow attempt at food plotting

Need some help. i see that you are in Georgia, I am in northern Michigan. I am confused about "I will plant later in the year when the frost kills it with the 3 way mix of oats, rye and wheat". I am confused.
alyce clover is not a clover like you are thinking. It will die off as soon as it gets a frost on it. I know it is strange because our food plotting is different from yours lol. we can plant a lot later than you and still be ok. For instance, last year I did the TNM the at the end of September and it did not get rained on until mid December but it came up great for me and did very well. I always want to comment more on other people threads but I realize my experiences are different than the more Northern climates and I don't have any experience with that.
How about a cultipacker?
Cultipacker won't work like a roller crimper because I am not running it over tilled ground and the plants will just bend under it instead of getting crimped and killed. I just planted my 3 way mix in my alyce clover and it is supposed to rain tomorrow and Wednesday so I pray it happens and I will get a good plot on them.
IMG_1417.JPG IMG_1418.JPG IMG_1420.JPG My clover is being kept browsed down. looks like I have been using a lawn mower. I got to put some fertilizer on it and it should explode this spring and feed the deer all year.