Muscadines from seed


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has anyone in the south ever tried starting muscadines from seed? I gathered probably 100 little seeds back in September, washed them, bagged them with some moist moss and have in a couple bags in refrigerator with all my other tree seeds.
I was going to experiment with them this spring by direct seeding 1/2 and potting the other 1/2.
I’m hoping to get some vines started in some strategic bow stand locations and also planting around some stands and blinds just to let the vines grow around them for natural camouflage.
I’m basically playing around with these but was curious if any of you have tried and had any successes or failures.
Lone Cedar Farm sent me some pear seed back in 2012. Some seedlings looked different. I asked him and he said wife may have gotten some scuppernong seed among. They were planted and producing well
I like the idea. I don't see why they wouldn't germinate.Keep us posted this spring.