Mountain Lion

The love that video!

I was stationed in southern CA for 15 years and only had two encounters, both within a mile of each other less than 2 weeks apart.

I almost stepped on the first cat as it slept on a fire brake. Once I realized it was a mountain lion I was only 10 yards away. Instinctively I knocked an arrow and drew my bow. The process alerted the cat. The stand off was short, maybe 10 seconds. The cat dove into a ditch and that was it.

The second encounter was much less dramatic at around 80 yards.

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I think I woulda been chin king rocks sooner.

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That's what I was thinking but the DWR officer said not to ever bend down. Stay large. Good to know cuz I'd be looking for a rock or limb or something.
I recently saw a holster designed for runners which looked pretty cool. It strapped across the chest. I think it was designed for women. Maybe they should target trail runners too!
This is how you handle the situation!!

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We don't hike out here unless we have a handgun of some sort with us. These situations actually happen more often than you think.