Mo-Ape Acres - 2017 Habitat Journey

Long weekend at the farm! Planted 15 dwarf chinkapin oaks from Letemgrow's seed stock, planted in miracle tubes from treepro:

Found an amazing deal on 3-gallon potted Improved Chinese chestnuts from a place here in MO (10$ at Forest Keeling). They weren't root circled too bad and should do just fine!

Also had time for a little walk, nice finding these little gems:


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I guess you just run down to your local fruit tree dealer when you need trees? LOL! I was up at Starks a month ago to pick up 11 fruit trees to start my orchard.
If you pick up there bare root they upgrade to the premium for free.
Went and checked on another feathered area, deer are certainly liking the new browse

We hinged some trees about 20' back in the timber, such an explosion of shoots in a month

Pretty happy with round one of feathering on this field, I'll take it deeper next winter:

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Creating a whitetail paradise. Enjoying your thread and the fruits of all your hard labor.
Went and checked on the farm and had to sneak in some fishing


A few chunkers ready for a grease bath

The Chinese chestnuts look to be doing great:

I had piles of persimmons in peat moss in the fridge since 2015, I was able to direct seed about 200 of them and shared about 250 more with friends. I held back some to try to baby them at home. My 7-year old has taken over this batch. It is about time to move them in larger containers:

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Was time for the second clipping of the clover (and cereal rye cover crop):

The field was riddled with deer beds, I walked it to ensure there were no fawns or turkey nests:

I ended up clipping it to about 6", plenty of rain in the forecast this week:

The Miscanthus Giganteus is doing pretty well, I think I'll drop some atrazine on it in a few weeks:

I'm putting this field into switch this next season, this year I'm screening with Egyptian Wheat:

I checked on some of the tubed persimmons I started from seed. This is about a month of growth from seed, going crazy:

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Earlier in this post, I described how I hinge cut an area around a fence sitter, to dictate deer movement away from an inconsiderate leasing neighbor.

I checked in on the progress today and I can easily say "mission accomplished":

You can't see the fence from 20 yards away


As an added benefit there is now 1000's of pounds of forage on the ground that deer couldn't otherwise reach, you couldn't find a new sprout that wasn't chewed on:


The fall planted clover plots are also rocking after a recent clipping:

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