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I've been reading everyone's post for a while now and decided to share a tour of my place. Love this record of what everyone has been doing at their pieces of heaven. Unlike most land buyers, I was very blessed to know the land I was buying. In September 1995, I ran into my little league coach from 6-7 years before. Told him I was looking forward to hunting this fall while going to college. He said you should come hunt my place.

My dad & I started that fall, hunting along with 2 others he let hunt some. Over the years, his nephew would bring people and more would hunt it at times. Gun season there was 7 people on it at the same time. Despite this, most years I would kill 1-2 deer. I had leases and hunted public land along with this land. As leases ended and most public land deer population in the area begin dropping, the desire to own land became more and more important to me.

I began looking for land in 2019 after my last lease ended and had very little luck on the land available. In the summer of 2021, the owner called me telling me he was going to sell. Said I had first offer since I had asked a few times each year since we started hunting it. He threw out a number and it only took my wife and I a few minutes to say we would take it. On June 30, 2021, I became the owner and made my dream of owning land complete.

The land is located in SW VA. The property runs North to South. The northern boarder starts in a river then proceeds up a river bluff then becomes gentle rolling till the southern end that's a large ridge. Property is 1320' at the lowest and 1620' at the highest. The property is only 170 yards at the widest point and consist of 100% woods.


In 1996, I killed my first mountable buck here. In 2018, my son killed his first deer at age 8. In 2020, he killed his first and second buck here. He killed his first turkey this past spring. My dad and I both have killed our largest bucks over the past 3 years on the property. This property has a very special place to my family and it's proven to be a huge blessing.


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July 23, 2021: First project just weeks after buying the land was to rent a bobcat with brush mower. I cleared out 5 food plots in areas that were some what flat. That resulted in the plots being 0.18 to 0.53 acres in size. Below is the before and after pics of the day with a bobcat.

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July 30, 2021: I sent soil samples to WI and got the results back. Most of my plots were in good shape to be woods. Recommendation was 1500 lbs of lime across the plots. Not having a ATV or tractor, it required me carrying (20-70 yards from truck) 40lb bags to each plot and spread it with yard spreader.

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Aug 30, 2021: I had a bag of wheat & rye left over from 2020 and decided to plant it mid Aug to help with erosion and build the soil. These pics where showing the growth after a few weeks. The one pic shows were I'm planned to put a ground blind for my kids to hunt.

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That's a nice property with a good setting for deer travel routes. I'm looking forward to following along on your journey through the highs and lows of land ownership and management.
Sept 26-27, 2021: VA youth season. My son and I hunted Saturday AM only seeing a fawn. It was thick and very foggy, best we could see was about 25 yards most of the AM. Sunday pm, we got to the farm at 4. We decided to hunt the long narrow food plot that I had created and put a ground blind on. As we walked up to the blind, I could just barely see over the top of it and see a doe looking at us. We drop down, get my backpack off and get him in front of me, resting the rifle on my knee. I slowly lean around edge of blind and see her looking at me and working from right to left. I get my son ready and tell him she will pop out soon. She comes around the blind at 52 yards away and he squeezes a round off. She does a flip and does circles before falling over in the plot. We take a few pics and pull her off so we could hunt the other 3 hours left. Ended up seeing a few does w/fawns but let them walk. He shot the her through the heart with my 6.5 creed shooting Win Deerseason XP. It shreds the insides of the deer, but doesn't give much blood trail if you had to trail it. IMG_2041_reduce.JPEG IMG_2044_reduce.JPEG IMG_2050_reduce.JPG
Nice to see another VA property on here! Good luck this season!

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