Milo Planting Rate?

Don't know anything about drilling rates myself. I have only broadcasted milo in a mix but usually just look up recommended rates on the bag and go from there. Too many seeds competing with each other gives you smaller plants and thinner coverage will give you bigger plants. Also depends on your goal---soil improvement? Feeding wildlife? Screen? If looking to build up organic matter I've heard that mowing the milo after it's half grown will make the plants create a lot more root system which gives you more organic matter to build.
Yea I had looked up seeding rate and depending on seed size it will be anywhere from 5-7 pds per acre. Reason for using is two fold. First and foremost is cover and second is seed head production. I have never drilled it before but have broadcasted and the deer always have the seed head eaten before season starts. I have a gas line through my property and it never fails that they will not mow it for a few years then right before season come and mow it to the ground. The easement says I can plant it in crops so if they mow it I will have some leverage.
Good thing I didn't give you a recommended seeding rate from memory-----For some reason I was thinking 50 to 80 lbs per acre! You probably wouldn't think very highly of me if I told you a rate that was 10x what it should be. After hearing your situation it sounds like you will be limited with your options somewhat. You could still do the winter rye mixed with clover in the fall and I think you'd be giving your local deer better options for a few more months of the year if that is something that interests you? If you did rye with clover in the fall you can throw chicory in also to work with the clover.
It's all good. My main objective is cover. Not worried about feeding them there because I have plenty of food. I've seen the neighbors watching deer cross the gasline and I don't want to temp them to shoot on my side.