Low growing Clover


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Any good food plot Clover that grows relatively low to the ground? Reason I'm asking is my front yard (~1.5 acres) is an orchard & food plot and I have to mow it occasionally. Using a walk-behind mower so I can't cut it very high. I cried doing so yesterday when I was cutting 8-10" clover that's the best it's ever looked...
My lawn is mostly white Dutch clover. I mow it down to 2 inches every week. Deer love it and will dig through deep snow to get at it. Dutch white is good for low mowing but, I have also found if you mow any white clover down on a regular basis it will adjust and flower at a lower height.
You can buy "micro" clovers for lawns, but it's expensive.

Also think about a different tractor/brushog or some sort of tow behind mower that may cut higher. Swisher rough cut goes to 7". You can usually find them for sale used for under $1000.
White dutch is the best for that but production is low. But, as mentioned, any white clover will adapt to low mowing. You CAN NOT mow it to death.
Thanks guys. I have a bushhog on my 60 Hp Kubota but I'm in the mtns & only way is straight up & down the hill & I got sick of hitting rocks, etc so now use my 48" Bobcat walkbehind. Rest of the yard looks like a golf course all striped up but I hated mowing the front clover that low :( One of my neighbors has a Swisher (or something similar) & he just borrowed my walk-behind a few weeks ago then went out & bought himself one. He said his quad leaves ruts all over pulling that thing (he also has a steep yard) when he would turn...