Looking for thoughts on what’s wrong with this deer

Cedar Ridge

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Wondering if any of you have seen anything like this before. The first pic is from 2/11 and the other is from last week. Whatever these growths are, they’re growing super fast. The deer still looks relatively healthy from a weight standpoint but I have to believe this is going to end up being fatal considering how rapidly they’re advancing. IMG_4476.jpgIMG_4477.jpg

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Don’t worry about it. Only certain deer seem to get affected, and the affected deer recover. I’ve seen horrendously affected deer before on my place and the outbreak just sort of petered out.
Was checking cards today and I saw a familiar face so wanted to pass along an update on the deer that was pictured in the initial post. Looks no worse for the wear and and actually seems to be doing quite well despite how he looked 3 months ago. Tough critters....


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